Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just thinking, as my asthmatic lungs feel like soaked sponges,
and I depend on three different drugs to continue breathing,
and feeling grateful that I am not one of the 50 million uninsured
Americans. How can people reject the notion of universal health
care? Before I could adopt the phony freedom loving anti-health
care reform notions that many hold, I would have to have a good
case of amnesia. Then I would have to adopt a new lifestyle, one
which walled me off from reality — get all my information from tv
and right wing radio, and disengage from real journalism. And
then proceed to create my own reality, let no facts penetrate my
new wall, associate with those only which whom support my view.
I know the world is round, I have seen it from 40,000 feet,
but if I had amnesia I could start over, and never let my feet
leave the ground. Never get an elevated view, hold on to my sophist
reality. Maintain my wall. Just thinking.

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