Thursday, August 19, 2010

William Minchew, Bill Minschew
While perusing the internet this am, I found that Bill Minschew had died back in October of '08. An unforgettable and extraordinary man, whose accomplishments go well beyond what the record shows. To have known Bill's energy and talent, is to have traveled close to the sun. He built and made nearly everything himself, I'm surprised he didn't build the truck that he drove. If all his work could be assembled in one place, it would surely be a mind-blowing show. He also had some incredible pieces of art from other artists. He built his own home and studio, designing every detail himself. My favorite memory of Bill is when we stopped by the Silver Dollar for a quick bite. Bill was always generous, and he bought me what was then the Silver Dollar's famous full "Thanksgiving Dinner." Bill inhaled his in about one minute, (eating was not working). What a man. What a body of work. Rest in peace Bill Minschew.

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