Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Big Sister,

Since I am up at 6:30am weekdays, I imagine YOU are still sound
asleep on the west coast, not even realizing that YOU are now 64 yrs
old. I feel so young, I'm not even 60! Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank
YOU! It's a gift that keeps on giving. It seems so unfair that I
should always get this gift on YOUR birthday, when it is YOUR
birthday, and YOU are the one that should be getting a gift. Not I.
That's life down here on earth. I was in pre-heaven this time 64
years ago, with 6 more years to go before I too would be called down
to serve my time. My but time flys. I wonder what I was thinking up
there in pre-heaven as I looked down on Shasta, California on September
28, 1947: "Hey girl, what do YOU think you're doing, turn around, you
got your head going the wrong way, you're coming out ass backwards!"
But just like today, you wouldn't listen to your little brother, and
you proceeded to come into this world the hard way. So I went back
to playing "Stairway To Heaven" on my harp. I was quite good I'm
told. I wonder if the old knack comes back the second time your up
there, or do you have to start all over, learning those boring
scales, and building up some calluses on your fingers. It takes some
pretty good harp picking calluses to get through the full version of
"Stairway To Heaven" on a steel string harp. Although they had those
cat gut string harps up there (sorry Dieter), I didn't care for them
myself. The sound just didn't reach to the next cloud like a good
steel string harp. Then again, harp skills may turn out not to be an
issue for me, air conditioning repair skills might be what I'll be
wishing for. But I digress, this isn't about harps, or my pre-heaven
days, it's about YOU! And I want YOU to know I will be thinking of
YOU all day long today, not about my pre-heaven days before I too was
born. So please, please, please have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Your little brother David, who hasn't been here as long.
Happy Birthday Bette


Elizabeth said...

Thank you and love to ya baby brother! It's a wonderful Birthday and I am enjoying my sixties...good years! Check out my blog at and see some 1947 pics!

Anonymous said...

way to rub it in, David...

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