Sunday, July 01, 2012

Thank You Apple

For your abandonment of loyal customers.

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Richard said...

Sunday, October 25, 2009
I DROPPED OUT OF FACEBOOK BECAUSE it's one thing to require registration to post a page on the internet and entirely another to require the rest of the world to register to visit a page on their system. The internet should be a free and open forum for all users and once you accept this limitation from the manipulators of facebook, just because you like the inherent connectivity to other members that its software provides, you accept being a captured audience, in a closed system where unelected programing nazis can control content (or as in the case of facebook, make you believe you are controlling it). Facebook is to the internet, what tv is to reading. You're killing your own brain cells and your own freedom, when you spend time on facebook and paving the way for a small group of fascist owners of facebook to become billionaires when they sell this 7th grade slam book to MegaCorporation.
Posted by BLOGDE at 8:55 AM

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