Saturday, May 11, 2013

"and the thousand Natural shocks. That Flesh is heir to?" Another weekend off my feet, progress is modest, conserving movement seems to be the only answer. WTF.


Richard said...

I don't remember that you had arthritis, and certainly not so bad. I tought sciatica was the ailment that caused you so much pain. Or are they the same or related?
Maybe it's time to press the docs.
I hope you're better soon!

BLOGDE said...

Two month wait to get into the Rhuemetology Clinic, June 19 and hopefully I find out if they can do something. The boomers are getting old and the clinics are filling up.

Going to Scotland next week and taking my new sun glasses with me (the ones you gave me).

Richard said...

I hope the pain goes away and you have a great trip. Joanne and I are thinking about a Christmas in Hawaii. I will have some time off and we no longer have griatric animals to keep us at home. Be fun if you and B could go with.

BLOGDE said...

It woul be fun! Too bad I will only have 1.5 days of vacation left. Congrats on Boeing job!

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